Announcing the ECRM Mako 36/46 Exchange Program

Due to overwhelming customer demand, DEI Systems is proud to announce their new ECRM Mako 36/46 Exchange Program.

Owner of DEI Systems Robert Yasi said about the program, “I listened to my customers and they all told me how badly they needed a solution to the problem of having an imagesetter, which can be a mission-critical component in a print shop, break down and have no way of knowing how long it’s going to take to get fixed and back up and running. When I offered several customers the option of exchanging their old imagesetters for a freshly refurbished one, they all jumped at it. That’s when I knew I had to make this a regular offering for DEI customers.”

The new exchange program offers you a viable solution when your ECRM imagesetter goes down. Instead of worrying about the old imagesetter, you can exchange it for a recently refurbished unit that is ready to produce.

Want to know more?

Head over to our ECRM Mako 36/46 Exchange Program information page for all the details or call us at (800) 793-3526. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

Imagesetter Service and Repair – Ship to Us

If you have an ECRM tabletop imagesetter, (i.e. Mako 36/46/56 or VRL 36/46), are in a remote area and need service, we can save you quite a bit of money. Why not put your imagesetter on a pallet and ship it to us. We have had many customers over the years send us their equipment for repair. The nice thing about the ECRM tabletop imagesetter is that they are very inexpensive to ship, and in most cases the shipping costs will be far less than the travel charges you would pay a service engineer, especially if he has to travel 3 or 4 hours to get to your location. So remember to call us the next time you need service on your tabletop imagesetter.

Do You Have Weak Imagesetting Film Densities On Your Old Imagesetter?

Are you starting to notice your film densities on your older imagesetter are getting weaker? As imagesetters get older, the intensity of the laser gets weaker. Usually you have to replace the laser and/or laser power supply to solve the problem, but this can be a very expensive repair – often exceeding $2,000 or more.

The other issue is that most lasers and laser power supplies, especially for the Agfa Accuset and Agfa SelectSet are going to be used. So you risk the same thing happening again in the not so distant future even if you replace them.

There may however be another solution if you’re noticing weaker densities on your imagesetting film, [Read more…]

ECRM and Agfa Imagesetter Parts

As most ECRM imagesetter owners already know, ECRM has classsified all of their imagesetters as “end of life” machines. What this means is, if you need a part for your imagesetter, whether its a VRL36, VRL45, Mako 36, Mako 46, Mako 56, Knockout 4550, StingRay 46, StingRay 63, Marlin 46, Marlin 63, or a BlueFin, you may not be able to get parts.

Once a manufacturer classifies a machine as “end of life”, they are no longer required to carry parts for that machine, so they may or may not have the imagesetter part available if you need it.

Here at DEI Systems, we still have a good supply of  parts for ECRM “end of life” imagesetters. We can also rebuild many of the parts for imagesetters. We have a high success rate for rebuilding VRL, Mako, and StingRay spinner motors, we can even rebuild the hologon spinner motor used in the Marlin. We can also rebuild VRL, Mako, StingRay, and Marlin power supplies. And the StingRay and Marlin buffer assemblies, you know the ones where the rubber rollers melt, we can rebuild those too. So even though ECRM has put the “end of life” label on their imagesetters, we at DEI Systems have not.

As a matter of fact if you call ECRM looking for parts, and they don’t have them, they’ll probably tell you to call DEI Systems. And if you have an old Agfa imagesetter, like an Accuset or Avantra, we still have parts for those imagesetters as well.

And when you are finally ready to upgrade to a CTP system, we may even take your imagesetter in on a trade to help offset some of the cost of going computer to plate.,

A Quick Reminder Section 179 Federal Tax Code Expiring

Remember that Section 179 of the Federal Tax Code will be expiring on December 31, 2012. So if you’ve been considering purchasing a CTP system or other equipment for your business this may be the year to do it as there is no indication that this will be extended in 2013.

Section 179 states that any business in 2012 that has less than $500,000 in taxable income can write off 100% of their new or used equipment purchase with Commercial Finance Agreements.

[Read more…]

Need a Spinner Motor for Your Platesetter or Imagesetter? We Have a Solution!

If you’ve ever had to replace a spinner motor in a platesetter or imagesetter you know how expensive it can be. New spinner motors are anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more. Are there cheaper alternatives to replacing a bad spinner motor other than having to buy a new, there actually is. If you have a bad spinner motor in an older imagesetter you may actually be able to find another imagesetter like the one you have for less money than a replacement spinner motor. [Read more…]

Looking for a Less Expensive Way to Buy Prepress Equipment?

This article should help if you are looking to upgrade your prepress equipment but you don’t want to purchase brand new equipment. [Read more…]