How Can I Tell What Imagesetting Film I Use?

How do I know whose imagesetting film I use if it doesn’t say Agfa or Fuji on the label?

Agfa and Fuji Film are the two main film manufacturers in the world, but as we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, see Fuji Going Out Of The Imagesetting Film Business – Is It True?” and What’s Going On With Imagesetting Film? Fuji Film will be permanently discontinuing imagesetting film in November 2016.

But most imagesetter users have been buying private label film that says neither Agfa or Fuji on the box or label for years.

Many private label films have creative names on the box or label like Monarch or Astro, while other private label film arrives at your door in an unmarked box with no logo and with no other markings other than the film size and specifications contained in the box. Which brings up the question: “So whose film is it exactly?”

Over the years I’ve been asked this question many times and there is an easy way to tell if your film is Agfa or Fuji:

Agfa is BLUE (or teal)


Fuji is GREEN

It’s as simple as that, Agfa = BLUE, Fuji = GREEN.

If you are currently using the soon to be discontinued GREEN film (Fuji), and want to try our BLUE film (Agfa) just give us a call 864-269-9662.

We even have 30′ sample rolls available in all widths, so you can try an inexpensive sample roll to test before buying a full roll from us.

We know that once you try our imagesetting film, you will not want to use anything else, it’s that good!

We even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you know you will be satisfied, or your money back! But, just so you know, no one has ever returned a roll.

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Fuji Going Out Of The Imagesetting Film Business – Is It True?

Last week I received an email from a large film user located in the Southwest United States. Below is a snippet of the email:

“I received a call from our Fuji representative saying they are going out of the film business come November. Have you heard anything about this?”

My answer was, “yes, I have indeed heard about Fuji Film discontinuing its manufacturing of imagesetting film over the past months.” You can see my last blog post entitled: “What’s Going On With Imagesetting Film? In the article, I answer the most common questions I am asked about imagesetting film. Namely, is it still available, and will we still sell it? As a matter of fact, we’ve known that Fuji Films was going to stop making it for a while. Fuji (the 2nd largest film manufacturer in the world) actually discontinued selling imagesetting film several months ago in Australia and New Zealand.

FUJI Imagesetting Film Discontinued

Believe it or not, the Fuji Imagesetting Film representatives in both Australia and New Zealand have been telling their customers to contact us (DEI Systems, Inc.) in the US for film orders for several months now. I don’t know why Fuji decided to discontinue the sales of imagesetting film in Australia and New Zealand first, but since August of 2015, we have been providing customers all across the South Pacific with imagesetting film.

As one of the larger private label imagesetting film suppliers in the United States, DEI Systems, Inc. continues to provide high quality film from the largest film manufacturer in the world, AGFA (who by the way has no intention of stopping the manufacturing of imagesetting film). Our imagesetting film is high quality and exceeds the equipment manufacturers most stringent recommendations. We’re so sure you’ll love our film, we guarantee it. If you are not 100% satisfied with your roll, you can return if for a full refund.

DEI Systems Imagesetting Film

  • Affordable Prices Due To The Volume We Ship
  • Premium Film
  • Hard Dot Film
  • Matte Film
  • Most Sizes Are Available For Immediate Delivery
  • Custom Windings And Sizes Are Manufactured And Shipped Quickly
  • 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

So, if you’re worried you won’t be able to get imagesetting film anymore, worry no more. We’re able to  provide customers as far away as New Zealand and Australia with imagesetting film, so we’re absolutely  certain we have high quality imagesetting film for anyone in the US and Canada that needs it too.

If you have questions, would like to see more about our imagesetting film or are ready to take us up on our film guarantee, call us today 864-269-9662 with any questions.

What’s Going On With Imagesetting Film?

Have you noticed the lack of imagesetting film is in the news lately? Have you been asking yourself these questions?

  • Can I still buy imagesetting film?
  • Is imagesetting film being discontinued?
  • Who has imagesetting film?
  • Where can I buy it?

Maybe your supplier has told you they will no longer carry  film, or maybe you’ve heard the rumor that imagesetting film will be completely discontinued.

Don’t worry! You can breathe a sigh of relief because: imagesetting film is still around and will continue to be available for many years to come.

Why has film been in the news and who is discontinuing it?

The reason imagesetting film has been in the spotlight lately is due to a recent announcement by  FUJI FILMS stating they will no longer manufacture imagesetting film beginning November, 2016. The announcement caused quite a stir because suppliers of Fuji Film no longer have a product for their clients. That means every printer using Fuji film has to look for a new supplier or upgrade to CTP. However, DEI Systems has negotiated a special deal with AGFA Film and will continue to sell imagesetting film well into the future.

Can I still buy film and who has it?

YES. You can still buy imagesetting film! DEI Systems, Inc. has been selling both AGFA film and Fuji Film under our private label for several years.  We have an established relationship with Agfa to sell their film. You can see why people continue to choose and reorder film from DEI Systems over and over again here.

In fact, last year, DEI Systems, sold thousands of rolls of film, both Fuji and Agfa, and our film business continues to grow year after year. In 2015, DEI Systems sold several hundred more rolls of film than in 2014. We are currently on pace in 2016 to sell the most film in a year yet. And, we’ve added several new accounts in the past month alone! The reason: our film is fantastic quality, manufactured by AGFA and converted to any size and specification you need, yet is always at the best price.

If you are looking for a new supplier for your film, or would like to check out our affordable prices or simply have questions about film, DEI Systems, Inc. is a company you can trust for your film needs.

So, if you’re worried you won’t be able to get film anymore, and are worried that you may be forced to upgrade your equipment and process to CTP, worry no more, and let DEI Systems, Inc. take care of your film needs today!

Call 864-269-9662 with any questions.

Do You Have Weak Imagesetting Film Densities On Your Old Imagesetter?

Are you starting to notice your film densities on your older imagesetter are getting weaker? As imagesetters get older, the intensity of the laser gets weaker. Usually you have to replace the laser and/or laser power supply to solve the problem, but this can be a very expensive repair – often exceeding $2,000 or more.

The other issue is that most lasers and laser power supplies, especially for the Agfa Accuset and Agfa SelectSet are going to be used. So you risk the same thing happening again in the not so distant future even if you replace them.

There may however be another solution if you’re noticing weaker densities on your imagesetting film, [Read more…]

Who still makes imagesetting film?

When is comes to different brands of imagesetting film you will see all kinds of names on the private label on the outside of the box, “Comet”, “Dual Spectrum”, “Flex”, “Meteor”, “Monarch”, Premium, and many more. The bottom line, there are only two major manufacturers of film, Agfa and Fuji. There are a couple of Chinese companies manufacturing film but the quality is so inconsistent that most imagesetting film users stay away from it. So when you’re looking at different film suppliers you are either buying Fuji or Agfa regardless of what is says on the private label. Both Agfa and Fuji make excellent film so when looking for a film supplier you should be looking at two things, delivery and cost. Here at DEI Systems our film is some of the most competitively priced film in the industry and in most cases we can ship it to you the same day.

Is Imagesetting Film Going Away?

We are often asked by our customers still using imagesetters “Is imagesetting film going away any time soon? In short NO. Although we have seen LED imagesetting film disappear there is still approximately 1 billion sq.ft. of HN/RLD/VLD imagesetting film and IR Imagesetting film used worldwide each year, with the majority being the HN/RLD/VLD. With only 2 major film manufacturers in the world that would be an awful lot of business for those manufacturers to walk away from. Needless to say there will be ample amounts of imagesetting film available for years to come, especially the HN/RLD/VLD film. So if you are using an imagesetter with either a Helium Neon or Visible Red Laser have no worries you’ll be able to get film.