Who We Work With

DEI Systems works with a wide variety of small to medium sized printers in a range of industries. We are the supplies and equipment source for small and weekly newspapers, commercial printers, screen printers, package printers and packaging manufacturers, and specialty printers – including forms and envelope printers.

The reason DEI Systems is so popular with an array of different business owners across the world is that we offer exceptional service, unparalleled access to equipment and supplies, and pricing levels that cannot be duplicated.

Because of our diverse array of clients, we have a buying power that is only matched by some of the largest publishers in the world. In fact, many times, we sell some supplies cheaper than the world’s largest can buy them for.

I’m not saying this to brag or impress you, I am saying it so that you can see why it’s obvious that you should be working with us!

Call us today and talk with us about your needs. We can tell you how our services, supplies, and equipment can help you be competitive, streamline your workflow and reduce the work, save money on supplies, and safeguard your equipment.

There are many reasons why so many printers and business owners across the planet choose DEI Systems as their success partner.

I’m not sure what your reason will be, but as we work together, I know you too will find us a valued partner.

Said plainly, “We want to work with you and we know you will enjoy working with us!”