How Can I Tell What Imagesetting Film I Use?

How do I know whose imagesetting film I use if it doesn’t say Agfa or Fuji on the label?

Agfa and Fuji Film are the two main film manufacturers in the world, but as we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, see Fuji Going Out Of The Imagesetting Film Business – Is It True?” and What’s Going On With Imagesetting Film? Fuji Film will be permanently discontinuing imagesetting film in November 2016.

But most imagesetter users have been buying private label film that says neither Agfa or Fuji on the box or label for years.

Many private label films have creative names on the box or label like Monarch or Astro, while other private label film arrives at your door in an unmarked box with no logo and with no other markings other than the film size and specifications contained in the box. Which brings up the question: “So whose film is it exactly?”

Over the years I’ve been asked this question many times and there is an easy way to tell if your film is Agfa or Fuji:

Agfa is BLUE (or teal)


Fuji is GREEN

It’s as simple as that, Agfa = BLUE, Fuji = GREEN.

If you are currently using the soon to be discontinued GREEN film (Fuji), and want to try our BLUE film (Agfa) just give us a call 864-269-9662.

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