Inkjet Paper

We offer a wide variety of high quality ink jet papers for all your ink jet media needs. Combine our ink jet papers with our high quality direct replacement inks and the result is superior output on quality media for affordable prices.

Below is a small sampling of our most popular ink jet papers. Don’t see the particular size or type of ink jet paper you need? No problem! We carry hundreds of ink jet paper in different sizes and specifications. Call us at 800.793.3526 for more details.

High Quality Proofing Papers
24″ x 100″ Semi-Matte Proofing Paper
24” x 100’ Matte Proofing Paper
24” x 150’ Proof Line Bond Coated Paper
36” x 100’ Proof Line Premium Photo Gloss Paper
44” x 100’ Photo Gloss EXR Paper
44” x 150’ Matte Proofing Paper


Proof Banner Vinyl Water Resistant Scrim Material
36” x 40’ Vinyl Scrim Material
44” x 40’ Vinyl Scrim Material


Super Clear Ink Jet Film
11” x 17” Proof Line Super Clear Instant Dry Film
13” x 19” Proof Line Super Clear Instant Dry Film