At DEI Systems we never take for granted that our customers are our best asset. Only in helping them succeed in their business can we succeed in ours. We appreciate every customer who has honored us with their business and their trust. And we especially thank those who have taken the time to compliment us with their kind words.

Smith Links Systems Limited
Sulaiman Olaide Abdulkareem, CEO of Smith Links Systems Limited in Lagos, Nigeria shares his experience with DEI Systems.–Sulaiman Olaide Abdulkareem, Lagos Nigeria




Digital Rio
“We have used DEI Systems as a supplier of printing plates and other products for several years. We were hesitant at first because it seemed unnecessary to use an out of state representative since we are located in the metro Atlanta area with an abundance of distributors nearby. However, the responsiveness and competitive pricing of DEI Systems has been far beyond our expectations. We have also been pleased with their service in providing used equipment. I am always happy to recommend DEI.”–Glenn R., Atlanta GA


Lukasiewicz Design“… just wanted to make sure that I commend your service technician Bill. Last Wednesday, 6/19/’13 the cutter on the refurbished ECRM Stingray we purchased from DEI jammed mid cut; the film was trapped in the processor and after clearing the film and resetting the device the cutter was still not operational. In a series of three short calls, Bill patiently walked me through the steps necessary to locate the usual suspects and the problem was completely solved within an hour and a half of my first call! I just wanted to say that the service was exemplary and I’m very satisfied with DEI’s commitment to its refurbished products!”
– Frank Gadler, Lukasiewicz Design


Attaway, Inc.“DEI is terrific!”
– Carolyn MacCormack, Attaway, Inc.


General Envelope“We love our Glunz and Jensen! It’s been a great addition for us! The pressmen love it, it goes right into registration. DEI Systems is very professional, yet cordial – the service team is phenomenal!”
– Jack Biondo, General Envelope


Garrison Graphic, Inc.“The big advantage (with the Glunz and Jensen) is the price of the system, it was half of the other options. It was a good install, the service tech did a good job with it. ”
– Norman Garrison, Garrison Graphics Inc.


Laser Image“It’s a simple machine to run. It’s really easy to use. DEI has a good selection of the supplies I need in stock and they make it easy. The service technicians are excellent!”
-Shawn Gibbs, Laser Image


Still University
“We are pleased with the Glunz and Jensen 2000. No chemicals, no bio hazard and it helps with keeping the chemical smell down in the print shop. We are getting nice quality plates. DEI has been really helpful. We have had great service from DEI – fast and pleasant! When we had a problem, DEI was right on it and the service person was great – very knowledgeable and explained all about the machine.”
-Angie, A.T. Still University


Our Town Publications
We were looking for a system that offered quality, simplicity, low environmental impact and good customer support all at a reasonable price. We selected the Glunz & Jensen iCTP Platewriter. From the installation, training, performance and support, the iCTP Platewriter and DEI have exceeded our expectations.We would recommend the Glunz & Jensen iCTP Platewriter and DEI to other printers.Our Town Publications
Oviedo, FL


Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools – Graphic Production Center The Charlotte Mecklenburg schools have an in-plant educational system that has been printing for over 50 years. We produce primarily one and two color tight-registration work. We have model 3200, 3202 and 640K Ryobi presses and use Quark, Freehand MX Photoshop and Word software.The 15 year old imagesetter in the shop had reached its end of life. Computer to Plate seemed to be a cost-effective replacement technology. We chose the Glunz & Jensen iCTP Platewriter – sight unseen – based on the dealer’s recommendation. DEI is our trusted advisor and has been with us every step of the way. From planning thru installation, Robert and Rudy have been quick to respond.

We installed the PlateWriter in January 2006; it immediately exceeded all of our expectations. It has increased print quality and reduced our 1st sheet out cost. The quality of the images has surpassed our expectations with great mid tones! The registration is as good as or better than our best hand stripping and the two color work has been flawless. The Glunz & Jensen iCTP Platewriter enabled us to finally discontinue the use of the darkroom and eliminate all the chemicals from the film and plate processors.

The training we received was very good and the site visits by the engineers have been useful. The system is extremely easy to use and I would definitely recommend the Glunz & Jensen iCTP Platewriter. It provides a lot of answers to the issues of CTP for the money. We could not be happier.

DEI is a great vendor and, more importantly, a great bunch of people. The Glunz & Jensen iCTP Platewriter is a great product. What a combination!

Alvin B. Griffin, Director
Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools – Graphic Production Center
Charlotte NC


The Hour Newspapers
Anyone can sell equipment, but DEI worked with me to get the right equipment to me at a fair price and stood behind the sale with exceptional support.Robert C. Marsala
Prepress Director
The Hour Newspapers


Senator USA. LLC
Just a note to thank you for the superlative service DEI Systems provided us with last week – Your guy Bill is a real pleasure to work with. Working with DEI systems has been a no-lose exercise – The equipment (ECRM Mako 36 and Vastech film processor) is great and your customer service is equally great – I ordered a couple rolls of film the day after Bill left and it was here the next day early – I feel sure that we’ll be doing a lot of repeat business with your company.I’d recommend you to anybody asking about prepress equipment – I’m always amazed when people and equipment do what they say they will do when they say they’ll do it – DEI Systems has accomplished all that and more.Bob March
Senator USA, LLC
North Carolina


Diamond Crystal Brand
DEI was helpful throughout the research process related to the items that they provide as well as the industry standards and competition products. They made a point to illustrate the advantages of choosing a product that would fit our environment as well as addressing our future growth needs. We chose the ECRM Mako 46 after many hours of planning and consultation.DEI is highly recommended by Mark-Lynn Foods. We appreciate their willingness to step-up and follow-up.David Mathis
Diamond Crystal Brand


Dye Printing
Just a quick note to recognize your friendly and always helpful staff. Just the other day I had to make an emergency call and from the receptionist to your service technician everyone was willing to stop and help. It’s normal to cringe when you have to call for any kind of service but your service people seem to take delight in helping us untangle our electronic messes and they always listen instead of dismissing. Thanks again for your great service to Dye Printing.Tim Artus
Dye Printing
South Carolina


Hiott Printing
During our recent purchase DEI assessed our needs and identified the StingRay 63 as the solution best suited for us. We have been doing business with DEI for 15 years and trust their experience.The StingRay 63 fit our needs perfectly. We have increased our productivity and minimized our expenditures. In addition to this DEI has provided great customer service and training on our StingRay.Purchasing is painless when you trust the company you are purchasing from and know they have your best interests in mind. Our partnership with DEI has been extremely beneficial for us.

Hiott Printing
South Carolina


Young Graphics “Before DEI made any product recommendations, they did a thorough upfront analysis of what we needed. While we looked at several other companies for our prepress needs, nobody came close to evaluating our entire operation and requirements. Although we’re extremely pleased with the imagesetter we purchased, it was DEI’s complete package of services and capabilities that won us over to them.”Rodney Young
Young Graphics


MailWorks, Inc.
My printing firm has enjoyed a business relationship with DEI Systems since early 2002.  During this time, we have received the type of pricing and product quality we demand in a vendor – but have also enjoyed a level of service and support that is far beyond our expectations.When we decided to purchase our ECRM Stingray imagesetter, our existing platemaking capabilities were limited to a Silvermaster paper plate camera.  Since we have no pre-press department, the daunting task of training our pressmen in the use of an entirely new, computerized technology was a far larger obstacle than the equipment costs. The technical support staff at DEI was not only able to provide the installation and training required, they have always been available to provide any needed support or answer any type of question that has come up.  We recently added a film processor in order to produce our own negs.Today, we easily produce cost-effective CMYK and spot-color plates for several hundred press runs each month, and have completely eliminated the need for an outside service bureau to produce our negatives.  While the cost savings have been better than expected, the savings in time and the added efficiency brought about by in-house control of all pre-press needs has proven to be of incalculable worth.  The patience and professionalism demonstrated by the DEI staff is largely responsible for the dramatic efficiency gains enjoyed by our firm during the past 2 1/2 years.

Robert D. Hodges
MailWorks, Inc.


Graphic Concepts ECRM Mako 56Graphic Concepts “The ECRM Mako 56 is keeping me as busy as I want to be. I’ve gotta tell you–it was the best thing that has happened around the shop here, not only to improve my disposition but to make the artwork I put out in a class of its own no doubt.All that sniveling about bringing DEI Systems on board really paid off. The boss is happy, life around here is a lot more fun and I’m doing things in less time with less stress.

Your service and follow-up are commendable. As a first timer with this machine, I’ve found the transformation very painless. Believe me, there is nothing for you to improve in service and support. You are tops and that makes us look good. DEI has our vote of confidence and our thanks.”

Graphic Concepts

P.S. “If you notice, we are all smilin’ in the photo I e-mailed you!”


Leonard Putnam - Custom Color Printing & Graphics, Inc.Custom Color Printing & Graphics, Inc.
I’ve been doing business with DEI Systems since 1997. This is the third system they’ve sold me. I’ve always gotten good service from them—they do what they say they’re going to do. That’s important.Leonard Putnam
Custom Color Printing & Graphics, Inc.


Custom Marking & Printing
“I have found that DEI’s commitment to the customer is outstanding. If I ever have a question or problem they really go the extra mile to get me an answer – even on products that I didn’t buy from them. I don’t know anyone in the industry that can compare to DEI. That’s why I’ve bought 3 systems from them.”Jim Silver
Custom Marking & Printing


Hill Printing
“I’ve known the management of DEI for over 10 years. When it came time to purchase an imagesetter we didn’t even look anywhere else. They’ve got a proven track record. I knew I could trust them. DEI has got a great staff and they’ve never let me down.”David Timmons
Hill Printing


Reynolds & Reynolds
DEI is a great company to work with. I’ve called them numerous times and have found them to be extremely responsive. Their service technicians really know their stuff. Without question, they have been a real help to us.”Ray Reynolds
Reynolds & Reynolds


Midnight Call Ministries
“The experience and knowledge that resides at DEI has been a real asset to our ministry. Their recommendations to us have been bullet-proof. It has been our experience that when we disregarded the advice from DEI, it has cost us dearly.”James Rizzuti
Midnight Call Ministries


Sun Printing
“From the very outset I was impressed with the thoroughness DEI took to assess our needs. Throughout the entire process DEI made us feel very comfortable. Over the years they have done a great job of staying in touch with us.”Greg Russ
Sun Printing




…This is a life saver! Thanks again for all your help! Truly appreciated, this is where DEI makes the difference on tight calls … we were about to run out of plates!
Dimitri Likissas
Today Newspaper
…our film orders always arrive on time on our doorstep and are exactly as we ordered them. The people at DEI Systems are easy to work with and very helpful.
Alice Gooding
Recco International, Inc.


I’ve been ordering film, chemistry, and plates from DEI Systems for 3 or 4 years now. Their prices and quality are very competitive. They know me, get my order right and deliver when they say they will – the next day on my film orders.
Scott Schmid
Preferred Printing Services


Price, service and quality is why I’ve been ordering film from DEI Systems for over 10 years. Plus I get great technical help whenever I need it.
Huntington Beach, CA


We have been purchasing film from DEI Systems for about 6 months and are extremely happy. I email my order to DEI, get a confirmation and my order arrives correct and on time – not at all like our previous vendors who would send incorrect orders that would take up to 3 weeks to receive.
The News-Gazette


We order film, plates and chemistry from DEI Systems. Over the past 10 years, the price has stayed competitive, our orders are accurate and we enjoy doing business with them, they’re great.
Ravellette Publication / The Pioneer Review


We buy all of our film and chemistry from DEI. In the 3 years we have been ordering from DEI we never have to worry about our orders being delayed or incorrect, they always arrive on time and accurate. The people at DEI are friendly and easy to work with.
Star Printing


We started buying film from DEI Systems 5 or 6 years ago because we were having trouble with the film we were getting from another supplier. From pit holes in it that light shown through to the film being too tight on the roll and wouldn’t come out, we had all sorts of problems with our old supplier.

Once we moved over to DEI we never had any trouble again. They have really good quality film and they get exactly what we order to us on time.

Adko, Inc.


I started buying film from DEI Systems 2 years ago when I realized my supplier was over charging me. The price and quality I get from DEI Systems keeps me coming back, and my orders are always right and delivered on time.

The Farmville Herald, Inc.


We’ve been purchasing our film, fixer and developer from DEI for the past 2 and a half years because they make it easy. Their prices are competitive, and their representatives are always extremely courteous and helpful with all our needs. I’ve had questions about chemicals and parts and they are quick to find a solution – even with the hard to find parts, they always find what I need.

Premier Graphics


My guys never throw up red flags with problems about DEI film – our order arrives on time and performs as it should. They follow up with me, they are kind people and we enjoy doing business with them.

Etched Media Corporation