Pressroom Supplies

Ink Fountain Liners

We have a wide variety of fountain liners to fit Heidelberg’s CPC Inking Systems. Each is manufactured to meet Heidelberg’s exacting standards and specifications.

We carry the following types:

Standard – 7.5 mil, 100 per case WEBs without foam

WEBs with Foam- 7.5 mil, 20 per case

EX –  rugged 10 mil – used for extremely long runs with conventional inks or short runs with UV inks, 100 per case

CUSTOM – 12 mil – designed for use with UV inks, ideal for long runs with coarse inks, 50 per case

CD LINERS – trailing edge single fold instead of standard “C” fold. Custom, 45 degree corner clipping available

MOUNTING STRIPS/PROTECTIVE FOIL – an additional barrier against the ink, these adhesive foils protect the keys/fingers under the liner. 12 pcs per case. Specify length when ordering.

ADHESIVE BACKED FOAM – Used on the leading edge along the single fold of the WEB liners. Foam is 3/8” wide by 1/4” high. Comes in 33’ or 82’ Rolls.

Press Packing Material

When you need a press packing material that is a little tougher, yet still a semi-soft and pliable packing medium – our polyester press packiong paper is for you.

We carry two kinds:

  • Adhesive polyester for printers who use the same packing thickness and require fast plate changes
  • Non-adhesive polyester for printers who change the packing gauge frequently

Why you should choose our polyester paper press packing:

  • It has high dimensional stability and will remain unchanged in shape and size indefinitely while temperature and humidity are within standard working ranges
  • Easy to remove due to it’s specially formulated adhesive
  • No glue residue after use
  • Very long shelf life

Press Cleaning Products

FOGRA tested and proven to provide the “best performance in the industry”, our non-woven dry washcloths deliver superior cleaning performance for printers who are looking for a superior quality washcloth that can remove up to 30% more ink than the most popular, most sold brand.

Choose performance over brand image and marketing. Our dry-washcloth delivers true value. You save money and get cleaning performance that is second to none.

Plus, you will use up to 22% less cleaning solution with our cloth than you will with any of the other competing products.

Dry Washcloth

Superior quality, blue, non-woven washcloth that FOGRA testing shows to:

  • Removes 15% more ink than the leading washcloth when using high flash-point cleaning detergents (above 100°).
  • And use 15% less cleaning detergent on average than the leading brand.

Pre-Saturated Washcloth

Equally superior quality, white, non-woven washcloth that FOGRA testing shows to:

  • Deliver a higher standard of cleaning performance of many different types of inks and solvents.
  • Use 22% less liquid detergent on average than the leading brand