What are the different types of imagesetting flim?

NOTE: Fuji Film will stop manufacturing imagesetting film in November of 2016, but DEI has you covered! We have a large selection and inventory of imagesetting film from Agfa and can meet even the highest quantity needs.

Have you been wondering why there are so many different types of imagesetting film? They have different purposes and uses. Here, we explain what it all means:

For the most part, the majority of imagesetters in use today have Visible Red Laser Diodes, sometimes referred to as RLD or VLD. So if you see either RLD or VLD it’s the same thing. Most RLD\VLD film is actually a Dual Spectrum film, meaning it also works in Helium Neon (or HN imagesetters), although it’s very rare to see any HN imagesetters in use today.

There are also some infrared imagesetters still being used, they are referred to as IR imagesetters and they, of course, use IR film.

There are also several different specs of imagesetting film for HN/RLD. The specs have to do with the windings, (emulsion in or emulsion out), and the core size of the roll (usually 1.995″ or 2.805″).

The next factor you have is the sensitivity of the film. Most users (over 80% of DEI Systems customers) are fine with a standard sensitivity imagesetting film which can usually provide a 3.5-4.5 density or DMax.

A standard imagesetting film will also usually have to be calibrated using the imagesetter’s RIP.

The highest quality film available is Hard Dot. Hard Dot film can give density (DMax) of over 5.0. Hard Dot film is also usually linear, meaning once you have your density set you may not have to calibrate as often and the screen values will fall into place, however you will pay a premium for a true hard dot film.

Another film type available in a dual spectrum HN/RLD spec is Matte film. Matte film is used in many screen printing and flexo applications and can be found in both .004 and .007 thickness, where standard and hard dot films are only available in .004 thickness.

Want to Know More About the Types of Imagesetting Film That are Best for You?

You can find some great information about imagesetting film, private label imagesetting film, the types of film, film guarantees, and what other printers are saying about our imagesetting film on the imagesetting film page of our website or you can view the other articles in the blog where there’s a wealth of information about film and what’s going on in the industry.

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How Can I Tell What Imagesetting Film I Use?

How do I know whose imagesetting film I use if it doesn’t say Agfa or Fuji on the label?

Agfa and Fuji Film are the two main film manufacturers in the world, but as we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, see Fuji Going Out Of The Imagesetting Film Business – Is It True?” and What’s Going On With Imagesetting Film? Fuji Film will be permanently discontinuing imagesetting film in November 2016.

But most imagesetter users have been buying private label film that says neither Agfa or Fuji on the box or label for years.

Many private label films have creative names on the box or label like Monarch or Astro, while other private label film arrives at your door in an unmarked box with no logo and with no other markings other than the film size and specifications contained in the box. Which brings up the question: “So whose film is it exactly?”

Over the years I’ve been asked this question many times and there is an easy way to tell if your film is Agfa or Fuji:

Agfa is BLUE (or teal)


Fuji is GREEN

It’s as simple as that, Agfa = BLUE, Fuji = GREEN.

If you are currently using the soon to be discontinued GREEN film (Fuji), and want to try our BLUE film (Agfa) just give us a call 864-269-9662.

We even have 30′ sample rolls available in all widths, so you can try an inexpensive sample roll to test before buying a full roll from us.

We know that once you try our imagesetting film, you will not want to use anything else, it’s that good!

We even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you know you will be satisfied, or your money back! But, just so you know, no one has ever returned a roll.

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Do You Have Weak Imagesetting Film Densities On Your Old Imagesetter?

Are you starting to notice your film densities on your older imagesetter are getting weaker? As imagesetters get older, the intensity of the laser gets weaker. Usually you have to replace the laser and/or laser power supply to solve the problem, but this can be a very expensive repair – often exceeding $2,000 or more.

The other issue is that most lasers and laser power supplies, especially for the Agfa Accuset and Agfa SelectSet are going to be used. So you risk the same thing happening again in the not so distant future even if you replace them.

There may however be another solution if you’re noticing weaker densities on your imagesetting film, [Read more…]

Will Imagesetting Film Continue to Increase in Price?

With the economy being what it is we are all concerned with what things cost. Like most commodities imagesetting film has seen a steady rise in price. The reason, silver, silver is one of the main components in imagesetting film. As silver continues to increase in price so will imagesetting film. You might want to watch the silver market to gage if the cost of film will continue to rise. You may also want to watch and see if the Federal Reserve continues to print money, if they do the cost of silver will definitely continue to rise and so will film. If you use a lot of film you may want to order some extra rolls if you think silver will continue to rise. You may also consider investing in a silver recovery unit to pull out the silver that ends up in the fixer, you can then sell the silver to help offset the cost of the film.

Who still makes imagesetting film?

When is comes to different brands of imagesetting film you will see all kinds of names on the private label on the outside of the box, “Comet”, “Dual Spectrum”, “Flex”, “Meteor”, “Monarch”, Premium, and many more. The bottom line, there are only two major manufacturers of film, Agfa and Fuji. There are a couple of Chinese companies manufacturing film but the quality is so inconsistent that most imagesetting film users stay away from it. So when you’re looking at different film suppliers you are either buying Fuji or Agfa regardless of what is says on the private label. Both Agfa and Fuji make excellent film so when looking for a film supplier you should be looking at two things, delivery and cost. Here at DEI Systems our film is some of the most competitively priced film in the industry and in most cases we can ship it to you the same day.

Is Imagesetting Film Going Away?

We are often asked by our customers still using imagesetters “Is imagesetting film going away any time soon? In short NO. Although we have seen LED imagesetting film disappear there is still approximately 1 billion sq.ft. of HN/RLD/VLD imagesetting film and IR Imagesetting film used worldwide each year, with the majority being the HN/RLD/VLD. With only 2 major film manufacturers in the world that would be an awful lot of business for those manufacturers to walk away from. Needless to say there will be ample amounts of imagesetting film available for years to come, especially the HN/RLD/VLD film. So if you are using an imagesetter with either a Helium Neon or Visible Red Laser have no worries you’ll be able to get film.

Film Prices Going Up Again – DEI Absorbing the Increase … Again

Sometime between December 3, 2012 & December 15, 2012 most film suppliers will be raising their imagesetting film prices again. The increase could be as much as 5%, possibly more. We at DEI Systems understand that at this particular time, with the economy like it is, most printers can’t afford even a small price increase on imagesetting film.

Therefore, DEI Systems has decided NOT to pass this increase on to our customers. It is our hope that this will be the last increase we see for awhile, as we most likely won’t be able to absorb another increase.

We are doing it to keep the industry competitive. We know many of you are having to bite the bullet, we will do all we can to help!

Major Price Increases On Film Coming – Our Price Stays the Same

Because of the price of silver and the fact that there are only a couple of film manufacturers left Agfa and Fuji) , film prices will be increasing. This will force film dealers to raise their prices.

If you haven’t heard from your dealer yet, you will soon as the increase is expected to hit around March 1, 2011. [Read more…]