What are the different types of imagesetting flim?

NOTE: Fuji Film will stop manufacturing imagesetting film in November of 2016, but DEI has you covered! We have a large selection and inventory of imagesetting film from Agfa and can meet even the highest quantity needs.

Have you been wondering why there are so many different types of imagesetting film? They have different purposes and uses. Here, we explain what it all means:

For the most part, the majority of imagesetters in use today have Visible Red Laser Diodes, sometimes referred to as RLD or VLD. So if you see either RLD or VLD it’s the same thing. Most RLD\VLD film is actually a Dual Spectrum film, meaning it also works in Helium Neon (or HN imagesetters), although it’s very rare to see any HN imagesetters in use today.

There are also some infrared imagesetters still being used, they are referred to as IR imagesetters and they, of course, use IR film.

There are also several different specs of imagesetting film for HN/RLD. The specs have to do with the windings, (emulsion in or emulsion out), and the core size of the roll (usually 1.995″ or 2.805″).

The next factor you have is the sensitivity of the film. Most users (over 80% of DEI Systems customers) are fine with a standard sensitivity imagesetting film which can usually provide a 3.5-4.5 density or DMax.

A standard imagesetting film will also usually have to be calibrated using the imagesetter’s RIP.

The highest quality film available is Hard Dot. Hard Dot film can give density (DMax) of over 5.0. Hard Dot film is also usually linear, meaning once you have your density set you may not have to calibrate as often and the screen values will fall into place, however you will pay a premium for a true hard dot film.

Another film type available in a dual spectrum HN/RLD spec is Matte film. Matte film is used in many screen printing and flexo applications and can be found in both .004 and .007 thickness, where standard and hard dot films are only available in .004 thickness.

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