Do You Have Weak Imagesetting Film Densities On Your Old Imagesetter?

Are you starting to notice your film densities on your older imagesetter are getting weaker? As imagesetters get older, the intensity of the laser gets weaker. Usually you have to replace the laser and/or laser power supply to solve the problem, but this can be a very expensive repair – often exceeding $2,000 or more.

The other issue is that most lasers and laser power supplies, especially for the Agfa Accuset and Agfa SelectSet are going to be used. So you risk the same thing happening again in the not so distant future even if you replace them.

There may however be another solution if you’re noticing weaker densities on your imagesetting film, switch to a hard dot film. Hard dot film produces much better densities and dot reproduction. And although it is about 15% more expensive than standard rapid access imagesetting film, it beats a very expensive repair job that may not even improve the densities.

We actually had three calls in the last couple of weeks from imagesetter owners complaining of low densities, two had Agfa SelectSets and one had an Agfa Accuset. In all three instances we recommended switching to a hard dot film, and in all three instances it solved the density problem.

So if you notice weak densities call us at DEI Systems, and let us send you a roll of hard dot film, I can almost guarantee you it will save you the cost of a very expensive service call.

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