Looking for a Less Expensive Way to Buy Prepress Equipment?

This article should help if you are looking to upgrade your prepress equipment but you don’t want to purchase brand new equipment.


Used platesetters, imagesetters and other prepress equipment can be purchased online, through auctions, or from individuals. You can sometimes get a nice system for a song. This takes more shopping and looking around. Be careful what you buy and how much you pay for it. Prepress equipment does not have sentimental value. Some people believe paying $50,000 several years ago entitles them to sell a machine for a lot more than its worth.

The main disadvantage for buying used is the system could be defective or on its way out. Most used machines are sold as is with no warranty. So you can be taking a chance. Look for any information that the seller can provide and find out if the equipment is still in production and is working fine. If it’s out of production find out how long it’s been and was it working when it was taken out. If you do go this route try to purchase your used machine from some place reputable.


You can purchase refurbished platesetters, imagesetters and other prepress equipment from an equipment dealer or a manufacturer. Best of all you can purchase these for considerable savings over new equipment. Always make sure you get the dealers definition of refurbished, as many “refurbs” are just older systems that have been cleaned and tested. Other dealers go through a very extensive reconditioning and testing process. After reconditioning, the equipment is guaranteed to operate to factory spec and will be in excellent cosmetic condition with most equipment looking like new when completed. Average warranties on refurbs are usually less than 1 year. The important thing is to shop around before you purchase a refurbished machine and make sure it will fill your needs. Also make sure you will be able to get parts for the machine when needed.

DEI Systems, Inc. specializes in refurbished ECRM, Screen, Glunz-Jensen and other prepress manufacturers equipment. For a detailed description of our refurbishing procedures call 864-269-9662 with any questions.

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