AB Dick DPM Users Can Save Money On Polyplate Material

We still get quite a few calls from printers using AB Dick DPM polyester platesetters, they usually are looking for another source for polyplate material. Although AB Dick plate material is manufactured by Mitsubishi, AB Dick designed a proprietary core so that you would have to buy the material from them. And of course they continue to raise the price, thinking you can’t get the plate material anywhere else. There are however hub conversion kits available that will allow you to use a standard spec 829 polyplate material.

Another nice benefit of the hub conversion kit is that you can also use Agfa Setprint Plus polyplate material in addition to the Mitsubishi. These hub conversion kits usually cost between $300 and $600.

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A Quick Reminder Section 179 Federal Tax Code Expiring

Remember that Section 179 of the Federal Tax Code will be expiring on December 31, 2012. So if you’ve been considering purchasing a CTP system or other equipment for your business this may be the year to do it as there is no indication that this will be extended in 2013.

Section 179 states that any business in 2012 that has less than $500,000 in taxable income can write off 100% of their new or used equipment purchase with Commercial Finance Agreements.

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Need a Spinner Motor for Your Platesetter or Imagesetter? We Have a Solution!

If you’ve ever had to replace a spinner motor in a platesetter or imagesetter you know how expensive it can be. New spinner motors are anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more. Are there cheaper alternatives to replacing a bad spinner motor other than having to buy a new, there actually is. If you have a bad spinner motor in an older imagesetter you may actually be able to find another imagesetter like the one you have for less money than a replacement spinner motor. [Read more…]

Looking for a Less Expensive Way to Buy Prepress Equipment?

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