Need a Spinner Motor for Your Platesetter or Imagesetter? We Have a Solution!

If you’ve ever had to replace a spinner motor in a platesetter or imagesetter you know how expensive it can be. New spinner motors are anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more. Are there cheaper alternatives to replacing a bad spinner motor other than having to buy a new, there actually is. If you have a bad spinner motor in an older imagesetter you may actually be able to find another imagesetter like the one you have for less money than a replacement spinner motor.

This will also give you a machine that you can take other parts from if you ever need them. Of course the draw back is you don’t know what kind of condition the machine (or the parts in it) may be in. You can also check with a used equipment dealer to see if they have a used spinner motor for sale, most reputable used equipment dealers will give you at least a 30 day warranty on used parts.

Your best alternative however may be to rebuild your existing platesetter or imagesetter spinner motor. This usually consists of cleaning or replacing the bearings, and often replacing the encoder, along with re balancing the spinner motor. In many instances the spinner motor will perform as new, especially if the bearings are replaced. The only draw back with rebuilding the spinner motor is you’ll be without your platesetter or imagesetter while it’s being rebuilt.

Here at DEI Systems we specialize in rebuilding spinner motors, we are able to rebuild almost 80% of the motors that are sent to us, saving you 50-75% compared to the cost of a new one. And if we can’t repair it we only charge a small evaluation fee. Feel free to call us at 864-269-9662 the next time you need a spinner motor, hopefully we can rebuild it and save you thousands of dollars.

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