Xante Speedsetter 300iL

Xante SpeedsetterDelivering reliability, productivity and quality, SpeedSetterĀ® 300iL CTP systems are 2-up portrait polyester imaging solutions for the small to mid-size commercial offset printer. The SpeedSetter 300iL prints up to 13.3" x 20"maximum plate size at 2400 dpi(upgradeable to 4000 dpi) with line screens of over 200 lpi. The comprehensive, turnkey system features a SpeedSetter 300iL platesetter, tightly integrated with the Symphony Workflow that automates complex prepress tasks and streamlines the entire platemaking process.

Designed as modular solutions, SpeedSetter CTP systems are available in several configurations to meet a variety of production and budget demands. Purchase only the features and drivers you need now. Easily add additional features and drivers to satisfy your shop’s growing production demands.

Patented Virtual Drum Technology
The SpeedSetter series utilizes a reliable 5mW red laser diode that produces a small spot size (10 microns at 2400 dpi) for clean consistent screens and sharp lines across the entire width of the page. The patented virtual drum design delivers internal drum quality and accuracy (.0005" repeatability over 4 plates) at a fraction of the cost of traditional internal drum designs.

Compact, Efficient, Modular Systems
Requiring no special electrical service or plumbing, SpeedSetter CTP systems take up less than two square yards of floor space. The hinged plate processor quickly rolls out of the way for easy media changes and maintenance.

Maximum Platemaking Versatility
SpeedSetter CTP systems, including an in-line processor, give you the freedom to image a variety of visible red-sensitive polyester plates and films. The plate templating feature allows you to specify plate characteristics such as header, gripper, image size, and tail length to suit a variety of presses. This ensures that your plates are imaged, processed and cut to the desired lengths. Need the option to image film? Simply switch out the plate media, adjust the density setting and you are ready to go. Use the available take-up cassette to take your imaged film to your film processor.

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