ECRM Mako 800

ecrm mako 800The MAKO 800 introduces the latest advances in optical technology which produces a smaller and harder dot on the plate. The result is high quality plate imaging with the lowest operating cost in the industry. The MAKO 800 was engineered to image all formats for 2, 4, 6 and 8-page signatures with resolutions from 1800 dpi to 3556 dpi. With a maximum format of 32.4" x 45.0" (824mm x 1143mm) and production speeds up to 20 Speedmaster 102 plates per hour, the MAKO 800 keeps multipress environments efficient through flexible, fast and trouble-free performance.

  • The MAKO 800 employs Gen 4 optical technology producing a smaller and harder spot for improved image quality.
  • Engineered with high speed electronics for improved performance.
  • Utilizing the latest 120 mw violet laser technology our future-proof design allows a smooth transition to violet chemistry-free plate technology.
  • The MAKO 800 employs an auto-pinch/auto-image feature for true hands-free operation after initial plate positioning.
  • Supports press formats from 228mm x 252mm (8.9" x 9.9") to 824mm x 1143mm (32.4" x 45.0").
  • Flexible – ECRM’s patented press registration pin bars allow for both edge and notch registration, matching a wider range of press requirements.
  • No hidden extras – our online conveyor is standard on all MAKO CTP, allowing for a direct connection to the processor at no extra cost.
  • Uses a straight-through plate path for easy operation and automated delivery to
    the processor.
  • Bundled with CtServer Professional – ECRM’s enhanced 1-bit TIFF server. Our open-ended software system accepts 1-bit TIFF files – choose the solutions you
    want. ECRM is here to help.
  • Basic electricity requirements and quick installation – no dedicated power line needed. Lowest energy consumption in the industry – draws the same energy as a PC.
  • Modular design keeps maintenance simple and costs low.
  • Simple and intuitive operator interface makes training easy for everyone.

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