Screen PlateRite-R4000

Screen PlateriteScreen’s new PlateRite 4000 B2-size thermal platesetter brings the functionality of Screen’s acclaimed 8-page PlateRite 8000 to the task of producing thermal plates for 4-page presses.Thermal plates have attracted attention because they produce crisp dots, support long run-lengths, and can be handled in daylight.

The PlateRite 4000’s high-speed drum rotation of up to 1,000 rpm, combined with the 32-channel laser diode exposure head, result in productivity of up to 16 plates per hour*. A wide range of plates can be exposed, because plates are reliably secured to the drum with Screen’s own high-precision clamping system.
Screen’s automatic drum balancing mechanism enables the PlateRite 4000 to expose plates of various sizes, all at maximum speed.

Information on plate sizes and types can be programmed in, and recalled later from memory. By selecting the desired plate from a menu, drum balance and other settings are automatically adjusted to fit the selected plate. In addition, punch settings can be saved together with plate information, so that the appropriate punch configuration is also selected automatically at set-up time.

The basic configuration is semi-automatic, but an optional single-cassette autoloader and a processor bridge are soon to be released, and a multi-cassette auto-loader is under development.

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