Printware PlateStream Color+SCX

Printware PlateStreamThe perfect volume polyester platesetter Printware PlateStream SCX Color+™ system is a Portrait Format digital platesetting system. It lets you take control of your customers’ digital files to drive press ready plates or press accurate color proofs. Direct from the manufacturer and proven in thousands of installations, the PlateStream SCX Color+™ system is simple, compact and fully integrated. With the Color+™ registration system, an integrated plate processor and options such as inline punching, our scan-to-plate capability and professional PDF workflow, the PlateStream SCX Color+™ is the ideal way to increase profits on every job.

The SCX is…

  • Highly Productive: Produces up to 120 press-ready plates per hour.
  • Integrated Punching: Produces press-ready punched plates with high repeatability (+/- 0.001”) with either Pinbar or Bacher punch sets for all portrait presses.
  • Multiple Resolutions: Dial in your resolution setting (900, 1200, 1800, or 2400)to match your speed and quality requirements.
  • Extremely Accurate: Its +/- 0.001”accuracy across four consecutive plates assures tight press register and faster make ready times. (Note: Optimal results are achieved by using Printware SilverStreamColor+™ polyester plates.)
  • Customized Plate Profiles: Intuitive press profiling system enables you to finetune your dot gain and linearization for press ready plates.
  • Eliminates Waste: By using Printware’s exclusive 280′ or 394′ long rolls of
    SilverStreamColor+™ plate material you will realize less waste for each roll
    changeover than any other system and will be able to produce perfect cuttosize
  • Optional Integrated Tools: Press Accurate Digital Color Proofing, One-Touch
    Scanning, In-RIP Trapping and In-RIP Imposition. Compatible with Printware’s
    professional PDF workflow and Perfect FileSM System.

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