The Importance of Technical Support

We all know how frustrating it is to need technical support, especially when calling tech support requires a GPS to navigate the labyrinth of menu options (which may have changed), wait-queues, and typing in your account number 3 times “for security purposes,” as if someone who stole your account number is incapable of typing it more than once. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a live person here in the US actually answer the phone and help you with your problem.

That may be wishful thinking when calling a PC manufacturer, or software company, but if you need help with your platesetter, imagesetter or are just ordering imagesetting film or metal plates we at DEI Systems always do our best to have a real person answer the phone. As a matter of fact, over 97% of the time when a customer calls us, a real person answers. And best of all, our phone tech support is free, as long as you’ve purchased a platesetter, imagesetter or RIP from DEI Systems you’ll never pay for phone support. And even if you didn’t buy your platesetter, imagesetter or RIP from DEI but are now buying your film and/or plates from us, we’ll give you free phone support to the best of our ability. It’s just our way of saying thank you, we appreciate your business.

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