Glunz and Jensen Special Edition – We Have a Few In Stock

Glunz and Jensen iCTP Platewriter 2000

If you have been considering a Glunz & Jensen iCTP Platewriter 2000 I have good news for you. We have a limited supply of the brand new Glunz & Jensen iCTP Platewriter 2450SE chemfree platesetters, the SE stands for Special Edition.

For a short period of time we will make the Platewriter 2450SE available for just slightly more than an ICtP Platewriter 2000. The main advantages of the PW2450SE over the PW2000 are speed, plate size and image size. The PW2000 maximum plate size is 18.07″ x 24″, which means any duplicator size plate over 18″ in length has to be inserted in portrait mode.

Let’s use the Ryobi 3302 as an example, the 3302 uses a 13 3/16″ x 19 3/32″ plate, because the PW2000 can only accomadate an 18.07″ wide plate you will have to insert the plate in the platesetter the long way, meaning you will have to image the full 19 3/32″ of the plate. With the PW2450SE the maximum plate size is 24.4″ x 30.9″, so when imaging that same Ryobi plate you will be able to insert it in the platesetter the short way or landscape. The PW2450SE will only have to image 13 3/16″ instead of 19 3/32″, making the PW2450SE almost 50% faster on the same plate size. And as we all know saving time can often mean saving money.

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