6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Glunz and Jensen Platewriter or Newswriter from DEI Systems

Everyone says that their business is the best and they have the best prices, but why should you care? I mean, how do you know they aren’t just pulling your leg?

Besides, it’s not like you are interested in hearing another sales pitch … right?

That’s why I’m not going to be salesey. Nope, I’m going to be completely honest. Because you deserve to know the truth.

So here goes:

If you are looking around for dealers to purchase a Glunz and Jensen Platewriter from, then read on. If you are not interested in saving time and money, then I thank you for your attention … you are free to go.

If you buy a Glunz and Jensen machine from anyone else, you are making a colossal mistake

Did I just say you would make a “colossal” mistake if you bought a Glunz and Jensen Platewriter or Newswriter from someone other than DEI Systems?

You bet I did!

Not a regular ol’ mistake, or an annoying mistake, but an “Oh my goodness I can’t believe this is taking so long, and doesn’t work like they said it would work, and cost so much money, why didn’t I buy this from DEI!” mistake.

In fact, there are 6 really great reasons why you should buy your Glunz and Jensen Platewriter or Newswriter from DEI Systems. This is must know information folks. If you don’t read this, you will wish you had.

  1. DEI Has the Best Prices
    I don’t mean great prices, or competitive prices, I mean the BEST prices. No one can undersell us. We sell the most, we have the lowest prices, and just in case someone wants to test the waters by selling a Glunz and Jensen at an insanely low price, we will beat any reasonably quoted price – period!Everyone who purchases a Glunz and Jensen machine from DEI Systems saves lots of money! Not including the money you will save by coming to us first (see #3 and #4) and taking advantage of #6.
  2. We have sold more Glunz and Jensen machines in the U.S. than any other dealer
    I know that sounds like bragging, but the truth is, there’s a reason why we’ve sold more than anyone else (maybe more than the others combined), and it’s not our prices. It’s because of number 3 …
  3. Our technicians conducted experiments to identify the optimal calibrations for several different types of equipment configurations and realized: they are all different and should be treated as such
    Go figure! Your set-up is different from the set-up a printer across town is using. Everyone else looks in the book and chooses the default calibration. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We figured out how to make these machines crystal clear little dynamos, but it takes time to do it right. Something no one else has even attempted to do. Which leads me to …
  4. We’ve become famous for calibrating Glunz and Jensen machines
    We get a lot of calls from printers all over the world who purchased a Glunz and Jensen machine from another vendor. They want to know if we can help them because their machine can’t get clear images, or type, or something. They ask us, “Can you really calibrate my machine and make it work as promised?” To which we always answer, “Absolutely!” Actually, we’ve built a good business calibrating machines that someone else sold and installed.We always feel bad for the printers who just bought this equipment and now have to pay us to come and calibrate it for them, but if they just would have purchased from us to begin with they wouldn’t be having this problem.How do we do it?We actually calibrate your whole system. We use plate densitometers to make sure you start with a linearized plate, and color spectrophotometers to check your colors and densities on press, assuring you get the highest quality print production from your press. No one else will take the time to do this. It makes us wonder if they know how.
  5. We can fix most systems remotely
    We made a major investment and developed some nifty systems to be able to, with your permission, access your equipment and make the adjustments from our offices. That means, even if you are across the globe in Marrakesh, Singapore, or Los Angeles – we can help you. Also, think about the time and money you can save – no travel costs, no waiting days, no exorbitant bill that makes you cringe when you see it.That said, if you do require personal, on-site attention, we have a team of technicians who travel the U.S. and everyone of them is dedicated to ensuring that your install is the highest quality possible (just like we do remotely). 
  6. We take imagesetters in on trade
    Once you purchase a Glunz and Jensen iCTP Platewriter or Newswriter, your old imagesetter is going to be collecting dust. Why not trade it in and reduce the cost of your Glunz and Jensen? You could get from $1,000 to $7,500 off!

Well there you have it. Those 6 reasons to buy your Glunz and Jensen iCTP Platewriter or Newswriter from DEI systems will give you a lot to think about.

Not only do you understand now why you should only purchase a Glunz and Jensen from us, you realize, smartly might I add, that you would be foolish to buy one from anyone else.

I mean, if you want the best deal, the best value, the best installation, the least trouble, the least worry, and the greatest ability to easily produce high quality pieces and impress your customers, DEI Systems is your only choice.

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